An assisted living community can only achieve greatness with strong vision and guidance, which is why it’s so important to look for a skilled and accomplished leadership team. These team members should lead their organizations with confidence and wisdom while having the background to back it up. A community may have wonderful staff on site, but without strong and competent leadership there is no promise of enduring quality. Communities with reputable leadership teams will usually feature members right on their websites – and if they don’t, it could be a cause for concern. Here are a few things to look for in a leadership team:


While it may go without saying that a leadership team should be educated, a truly qualified team should possess a diverse educational background. This provides multiple perspectives and broader insights, allowing them to approach issues from multiple angles and make the most informed decisions possible. A diverse background can also allow for powerful collaboration, which leads to new and innovative ideas.


A great community should be led by someone with extensive real-world experience – the more the better. With longevity comes wisdom; the longer a leadership team has been active, the more they’ve learned, encountered and accomplished. Great leaders often help build and expand organizations, demonstrating management acumen and strong business sense. Beyond wisdom, a long tenure in the industry demonstrates true passion for the work at hand.

Extra Qualifications

In addition to education and experience, a great leadership team is rounded out by factors such as civic and charitable activities or memberships to relevant boards and organizations. Perhaps members sit on boards at universities or serve as members of organizations pertaining to healthcare, nursing or beyond. These activities and memberships signify a commitment to doing great work beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of their jobs.

Keep these factors in mind on your search for the right community to ensure you or your loved one wind up in good hands.