One of the most important elements of any senior care facility is the quality and depth of its staff. From administration to licensed nursing to kitchen and maintenance staff, it is critical that facilities employ a range of team members to meet the needs of their residents. A key role in a thriving senior care facility is that of an on-site physician who can be readily available to assist with any health issues that arise.

Having an on-site physician to evaluate acute medical conditions among residents is a key indication of the quality of medical care that a facility is capable of providing. New medical issues arise frequently among aging residents and as such it’s extremely valuable to have a physician available to support the medical staff in preventing hospitalization. On-site physicians also eliminate tedious or stressful travel to and from appointments, easing the toll on residents both physically and emotionally.

In addition to dealing with acute conditions, frequent primary care visits are also needed in the treatment and management of chronic conditions such as arthritis, coronary artery disease and hypertension. These conditions can become more common as a person ages, and the more conditions a person has, the more doctor visits they will need. Eliminating travel and wait times for people suffering from multiple chronic conditions can help keep them as healthy as possible while improving their quality of life.

Whether it’s in a skilled nursing, rehabilitation or assisted living setting, having on-site physicians available in times of need can help provide more efficient and effective medical care and improved outcomes and quality of life for residents.