Independent living is a wonderful option for older adults who wish to maintain their autonomy while having easy access to conveniences and services like healthcare should the need arise. When you begin the search for the right independent living community for yourself or a loved one, there are many elements you may wish to consider. Services and amenities are some of the best ways to compare and contrast communities; here are 5 to look for:

1. A large, secure campus

While independent living residents are free to come and go as they please, the right community will have ample space to roam, providing them the opportunity to exercise or just take a leisurely stroll in their own backyard. Also be sure to check that the campus is well kept and in a good location so resident safety is always maintained.

2. Quality dining options

The ideal community will provide chef-prepared meals, which ensure that residents aren’t being fed mass-produced, over-processed meals –instead receiving varied, healthy options that can be suited to special dietary needs. Apartments with kitchens or kitchenettes are another great amenity that helps residents continue leading an independent lifestyle and making all the dishes they’ve always loved.

3. Multiple floorplans

Having multiple floorplans to choose from allows residents to pick an apartment based on their individual lifestyle and needs. This option often allows residents to keep their favorite furniture and decorate their new home accordingly.

4. A continuum of care

A important and oft-overlooked amenity is a continuum of care, meaning residents have access to additional services on the very same campus should their needs change. For example, in the unfortunate event that they sustain an injury, they can be moved to a nursing and rehabilitation unit right next door. This way they won’t have to uproot their lives and the medical staff will already have all of their information in the same system.

5. A full calendar of events

This allows residents to continue to lead fulfilling and socially stimulating lives in their new home. These regularly scheduled events allow them to go enjoy life and continue to have new experiences. The best communities even provide opportunities to engage with the local community, from culture and arts to religious services and more!