Reunited and it feels so good! Two long-time friends are finally able to reconnect after being separated for nearly two months due to COVID.

Theodora “Teddy” Curry and Tom Ciranni have been friends for over thirty years. They met at a casino and quickly became great friends. “They helped each other out and she was part of the family,” said May Falknor, Tom’s sister. Teddy eventually moved from Philadelphia to live with Tom at his home in NJ.

After 29 years of living together, Teddy fell ill with a stroke. She remained in the hospital for nine weeks before moving into a nursing home. During this time Tom’s medical needs began to change. He decided it was time to move to an assisted living community. Tom’s main priority was to find a place where he could be close to Teddy. After realizing the shortage of healthcare campuses that could accommodate both of their needs, they were happy to find Bartley Healthcare. Teddy moved into our long-term care nursing home in February 2017 and Tom moved next door to The Orchards at Bartley assisted living in March 2017.

Both Tom and Teddy became victims of COVID. Although they both tested positive, Tom remained asymptomatic while Teddy’s illness was much more serious. She was hospitalized for a month and intubated twice. Teddy persevered and returned home to Bartley and both are now fully recovered.

Teddy’s sister, May, is very grateful for the care and communication she received on both Teddy and Tom. “They have been wonderful. Anytime I need information Danielle and Jalen have been very helpful and the same at Bartley, which is not an easy job.”

Teddy and Tom now reside together on our Aspen unit at Bartley where they get to see each other every day and remain lifelong friends. We are happy to see you together again!