The “Dog days of Summer” will soon be upon us. It’s very important to pay attention to your body signs to prevent heat-related illness and dehydration.  Our bodies consist of 60% water.  Dehydration simply means you are eliminating more fluid than you are taking in. The average person should drink 6-8 cups of water a day. That may be more difficult for people with Cardiac or Kidney problems, so always check with your Physician first as many medications also have side effects.  

Some ways to prevent dehydration is to limit your time out in the heat. Always listen for the weather forecast before you make plans. Do your errands and water your flowers in the earlier part of the morning. Wear light fabric, light-colored clothing, and a hat.  Don’t forget to apply 30 SPF sunblock and bug repellent.  Avoid the midday sun, and sit in the shade whenever possible. Carry a water bottle with you for frequent sipping. A nice cool shower will always bring your body temperature down.  

Some signs of dehydration include dark urine, dizziness, confusion, cramps, nausea and an increased pulse. If these symptoms occur, it’s very important that you get into air conditioning and drink liquids. Sports drinks can help replace those electrolytes lost. 

Many aging people do not have the sensitivity to the heat as they did when they were younger. It is very important to check on our neighbors, family, and friends to ensure they are not sitting in a hot home. Many will use a fan, however that only blows the hot air around.  Always turn the air conditioner on during a heat wave. 

Please remember to check on your loved ones.  Enjoy your summer!