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Due to the Bartley Healthcare lock down our family missed seeing Mom on Easter and Mother’s Day, but the most anticipated event we missed was May 11th, Mom’s 99th birthday. Mom had two Covid-19 tests taken that were negative, but the test taken the day after her birthday came back positive. The family all understood that a frail 99-year-old who stopped eating and began sleeping continuously was in for a critical time ahead. Mom was always a strong person, but this was different.  With each picture provided by the staff her outlook did not look good. Then a call came saying she was starting to recover. One day later we received a picture of her smiling. The next day a follow-up picture showed her sitting up in her chair eating lunch. The third day we received a picture with crayons in hand and she was coloring. IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!

Without any family members there with her, we could only rely on the wonderful Nurses and staff to give her the loving care that she needed to recover. They became an extension of us – her family.  We are so grateful to Valonda and Patricia her nurses, and the entire staff of the Cedar Wing for the time they took to stay in touch with us with phone calls, pictures and face time visits with Mom. Also, for all the times they gave her a hug and held her hand, we thank you. We also found it very helpful for the kind and caring words in the updated letters received from Lauren Kessler, Administrator, on the state of conditions and the resolves being taken to help with the outbreak within Bartley..

When Mom would ask “Why am I still here on Earth?” I would always say there are people you have not met yet and most important are people who still have yet to meet you!

We should all be so lucky to have her strength, resilience and a strong desire to keep on going…….not to mention a beautiful smile!

~ Karen Gomolka and the family of Dorothy Kelley

“Thank you for all you do. Take very good care of yourselves. I appreciate all you do. God bless you. Amen!”
~ Liz Bradshaw Bloodgood

“My mom is there, and I am extremely grateful for all the people caring for her & making her days as normal as can be. THANK YOU!”
~ Karen Ciafardini Archer

“Jackson is lucky to have a great facility where our loved ones receive exceptional care and love. So grateful my mother had such amazing care in assisted living, then memory care and end of life care in the nursing home. You are Truly partnering with our family.”
~ Anne Marie Kubacz

“We researched and visited numerous facilities when my uncle’s health began to deteriorate. Hands down, Bartley outshined the others in our opinion.”
Marty ~ Long-Term Care Family Member

“The therapy staff was always courteous and professional people you could count on.”
John ~ Post-Acute Patient

“The individual attention from the therapists and their willingness to offer assistance and answer questions helped me achieve my goals.”
Margaret ~ Post-Acute Patient

“Living at The Orchards is beyond my expectations. I love the security, knowing that higher levels of care are there if I ever need them.”
Lillian ~ Assisted Living Resident

“This is the nicest assisted living community with the best reputation in the area. The owners take a real interest in the community and its residents. It’s really a family affair.”
Marsha ~ Daughter of an Assisted Living Resident

“It was cozy, intimate and I felt at home, life here is like being on a cruise. There is always so much to do.”
Betty ~ Assisted Living Resident

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