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patient-resourcesWhether you need short-term recovery, long-term care, or considering relocating to an assisted living residence, getting education and advice will lead you to the right decision for healthcare needs. The information in this section will help you understand your options, and provide tools you can use in your evaluation.

Knowing When It's Time for Professional Memory Care Services

Everyone forgets a name occasionally, or leaves their keys in the wrong place. But dementia – a clinical state of memory loss that can spring from disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and stroke – can put people at risk of severe consequences to their health and well-being. However, with the right kind of care, people who suffer from dementia can still lead meaningful and satisfying day-to-day lives.

Between Hospital and Home: When Post-Acute Rehabilitation Can Help

Walk into a long-term care facility nowadays, and you might be surprised at what you see: younger and healthier people who are there to get well and go home following a hospital stay. Today’s skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities have become a bridge to recovery for a growing number of people, for issues ranging from stroke and heart attack to post-surgical rehabilitation.

Assisted Living Is a New Beginning

Like many of the life transitions we all experience, contemplating assisted living is often a very emotional process. Many view it through the lens of concern for the process of aging, and the prospect of giving up their former lifestyle. Others embrace the need for more care with a positive attitude, and look forward to having fewer responsibilities and more leisure time in the next phase of a life well lived. Still others may welcome more social opportunities and companionship compared with living alone, particularly after the loss of a spouse or partner.

Assisted Living Cost Calculator

Calculate your total monthly living expenses and compare them against our typical, all-inclusive assisted living service fee. The cost savings might surprise you!

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