We Love Our Social Workers!

March is National Social Work Month! Our Social Workers are driven by compassion to care for our residents every day. Cindy, our Social Services Director, has been a social worker for 27 years, 18 years of her career being in a long term care/sub-acute setting. Karina has been a social worker for 21 years, 10 years of her career being in long term care. Our social workers assist residents and families with financial planning, advocacy, advanced care planning, counseling, crisis management, lending a listening ear, and making the Bartley experience positive!



        “I love having the opportunity                                                          “Social work is not only a job, but my

        to be of support and guidance                                                          passion, who I am as a person – providing

        to our families and residents.”                                                          help and care to those in crisis, with

       -Karina Ardito                                                                                          compassion and understanding.”

                                                                                                                                -Cindy Sheldon