During a time where we need to socially isolate, restrict our social interactions and stay at home, we may wonder how we’re supposed to stay engaged and connected. While it may seem difficult or even confusing, technology is the perfect way to remain social and prevent us from feeling far away from those we love.

“Although technology use may come easy to some, now is the perfect time to begin learning,” says Jalen Ramos, Executive Director at The Orchards at Bartley Assisted Living, an assisted living community located in Jackson, New Jersey. “Not only do you have time, but you can also look up plenty of resources to help you connect. Try searching for videos on YouTube to learn how to use video chat software, download a messenger app or even learn how to use apps as a way to play games with friends and family. If you’re simply not getting it, ask your friends and family to begin the video connection or call for you, then you only need to pick it up when it alerts you!”

“The benefits of using technology to socialize and connect are far-reaching, especially right now. We are able to remain in touch with those we love, which helps us to feel less isolated and depressed, and we can occupy our minds and learn new skills, see our grandchildren and so much more! It’s truly a gift in times like these!”

How to Use Technology to Stay Connected

If you’re fairly new to technology, or if you simply want to learn about all the ways you can communicate and engage with those you love, consider some of the following ways you can use technology to connect!

  1. Host your clubs over video chat. If and when possible, consider hosting your book club, art classes and more over video chat. This can allow you to continue learning and talking to those in your class while ensuring you don’t lose your passions, right from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Schedule times to meet with loved ones over video chat. We all know nothing can compare to seeing friends and family face-to-face. While it’s not possible in-person at the moment, video chat is a great way to see your loved ones, enjoy their smiles and feel happy and connected.
  3. Set up a time to call friends and family. Something as simple as a phone call can help you and your loved ones remain connected. It can be as simple as just asking how a loved one is doing, or you can both vow to watch a certain show or movie and discuss it later on, talk over game shows you are watching together or even reminisce about the past! Even better, plan what you’re going to do once this is all over!
  4. Download apps and play games together. Although game night can’t be in person, it sure can be possible through apps like Words with Friends, Yahtzee or even certain card games! This often allows for some added fun and friendly competition.
  5. Check out some museums and tour your favorite sites. There’s a world waiting to be explored out there, and you can easily do it right from home! Look up certain museums and galleries that are offering virtual tours, check out your favorite animal at the local zoos, look at the beach cameras on your favorite coasts and, even better, ride your favorite rides at a variety of theme parks on YouTube! There are plenty of adventures to be had while you’re at home! Then, share all the places you’ve seen with your friends and family!

For more information about socializing with others over technology or to learn more about how to use technology to better connect, contact us today. We would be happy to share what we can to ensure you stay connected, engaged and happy. Call us today at 732-372-4055.

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Here, residents can embrace a fulfilling lifestyle in an elegant setting while experiencing the security and comfort of a qualified, compassionate team. We take care of it all – housekeeping and delicious dining, scheduled transportation, programming to meet varying interests and more – it’s all included with care, so you never need to worry about rising costs! And if care needs change, we offer memory care and a range of award-winning health services on site.

The Orchards at Bartley Assisted Living is the perfect place to live independently, with complete peace of mind.

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