Assisted living is a wonderful option for seniors who wish to maintain a level of independence while receiving help in certain areas and having quick access to medical care. This level of independence is great, but it means that residents are responsible for staying fit and active.  What follows are 5 tips to help seniors in assisted living stay in great shape and get the most out of life:


  1. Find the right community.
  2. Finding success is much easier if you’re prepared from the very first step. Look for a community that offers activities like daily fitness classes. Available and accessible classes are a great way to make fitness into a habit. Communities with large, secure campuses should also be considered as they provide plenty of opportunities for walks of any pace.

  3. Establish a routine.
  4. Creating a routine can make daily activity feel like less of a chore. It’s also a good way to measure your progress and make improvements. For instance, try taking a 10-minute walk every morning. The activity will help you feel better throughout the day both mentally and physically. Once this feels like second nature, increase the length from 10 minutes to 15. There’s no limit to what you can achieve with a stable routine!

  5. Get social!
  6. Getting social is a great way to improve fitness habits. Whether it’s walking and talking with friends or getting together to take a class, a friend group is a valuable resource in helping you stay active. Not only can it make the work more fun, but it also helps keep members accountable to each other while providing a healthy support system.

  7. Find what works best.
  8. There is a way to stay active for everyone. Forcing yourself to participate in an activity you dislike (after giving it a fair shake, of course) might turn you off from pursuing fitness at all, so don’t be afraid to try many approaches. Between walking, running, weight training, aerobics, sports and more there’s sure to be something that piques your interest.

  9. Don’t get discouraged.
  10. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your fitness routine. Don’t beat yourself up if you experience setbacks or fall out of your routine. Self-blame and self-doubt may try and tempt you to throw in the towel, but this wouldn’t be wise. Consider looking for support from friends, family or staff, as well as re-evaluating your routine. You can do it!