The warm weather will quickly be coming to an end as Autumn is around the conjurer. Autumn officially starts Saturday, September 22nd. Although we may not feel the colder weather until October, it is good to prepare for the weather and stay healthy and safe. Here are a few things to  be aware of as the weather begins to cool:


Be sure to check your windows to make sure they open and close easily to access fresh outdoor air on the still warm days. The weather can be very unpredictable in the early days of autumn, be ready to have inconsistent weather. For our residents please let maintenance know if you have any window issues (especially since they will all be new soon), for family members make sure your windows are in good shape prior to the weather changes.


Keep the heat at consistently warm temperatures (not too hot). Make sure all areas where drafts occur are sealed off and secure. Check the heating system to make sure it does not need any repairs. If you have a fireplace remember to make sure it is clean prior to lighting that first log.


Be careful when outside as the leaves begin to fall. As the leaves begin to accumulate and get wet with the rainfall they can be a hazard. 


Make sure you have appropriate clothing for the weather change. Fall can be a confusing time for wardrobes so make sure you have some light clothing as well as warmer clothing that are clean and easy to access.