On June 3rd and 4th Bartley Healthcare CEO, Phil Scalo, and Administration Coordinator, Jalen Ramos attended the AHCA (American Healthcare Association) Congressional Briefing in Washington D.C. During their time there, Phil and Jalen, along with representatives of AHCA members nationwide, went to Capitol Hill to present concerns to members of Congress. Meetings were held with Congressman Josh Gottheimer of the 5th district of NJ, Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill of the 11th District, Congressmen Frank Pallone Jr. from the 6th district, and Senator Bob Menendez.

Among the topics of concern was the current rule that fails to include hospital observation stays in the three-day hospital time needed for Medicare recipients to qualify for rehabilitation and post-hospital discharge services. Members of Congress were urged to support proposed legislation that would correct this denial of necessary Medicare benefits by including all days in the hospital as qualifying days so that post-discharge rehabilitation and other services will be available to all Medicare recipients.