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JACKSON – The Bartley Healthcare Campus is on their way to fully protecting themselves from the COVID-19 virus!

Bartley held their first COVID-19 vaccine clinics the first week in January when the first doses were administered to employees and residents. They will be receiving their second dose on the campus by the end of January.

Employees and residents are enthusiastic about getting this opportunity to take this big step in eliminating the COVID threat on the Bartley Campus and allowing the reopening to visitors and the public.

Vaccines coupled with extensive testing of employees and residents, along with the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) adds to the safety of the Bartley Healthcare Campus. Employees have been diligent in their use of PPE and remaining socially distant at work in their everyday lives. Despite the high threat COVID-19 currently poses in Ocean County and New Jersey, The Bartley Campus has remained a COVID-19 free campus for well over 7 months.

Bartley Healthcare and the Orchards Assisted Living are welcoming new residents onto their campus who can benefit from the vaccine availability and the measures in place to provide for a protected living environment.

For information contact Bartley Healthcare at 732-298-6575 or email at