Name: Mr. Vladimir S.
Admitting Diagnosis: Acute kidney failure Discharge
Location: Long Term Care

Prior to admission to Bartley, Mr. S was living on his own in an apartment. He was independent with all ADLs and was using a rolling walker to ambulate independently. He was brought to the hospital after being found by EMS on the floor for several days. Upon hospitalization, he was diagnosed with acute kidney failure, toxic metabolic encephalopathy, dehydration and severe dysphagia requiring a feeding tube. When Mr. S discharged from the hospital, he required PT, OT and ST services. He was unable to do anything independently, had impaired cognition and was unable to tolerate anything by mouth. Mr. S was dependent for self-care, transfers and was only able to tolerate being out of bed in a geri chair for short periods of time. He was lethargic and unable to initiate a swallow. He scored a 16/30 on the SLUMS. For the next 6 months, Mr. S worked extremely hard with our therapy staff focusing on sitting balance, standing balance, transfers and self-care.

Over time, he began to demonstrate improved cognition that facilitated therapeutic trials of food by mouth. Upon discharge, Mr. S was able to ambulate with a rolling walker and perform self-care daily tasks with minimal assistance from caregivers. He scored a 27/30 on a retest of SLUMS. He was able to regain orientation to all concepts and was able to sustain nutrition by mouth. At this time, Mr. S is currently a long-term resident at Bartley, however, Mr. S’ determination to regain full independence did not end here!

Mr. S has continued progressing without therapies. Today, he is totally independent with his walker and his ADLs. He has the option to move to assisted living and couldn’t be happier in the change of his daily activities. Good luck Mr. S!

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