Searching for an assisted living community can be a confusing and stressful choice for many seniors. From figuring out what your needs and desires are to thinking about where you’d like to live, there’s a lot to consider. This choice can leave many seniors overwhelmed, frustrated and downright unsure where to turn, making them not want to make a decision at all or put it off until it’s absolutely necessary.

“By not considering what your options for assisted living are until you need to, you put yourself at the risk of settling on a place that’s just good enough or you may even end up leaving the difficult decision for a loved one to make,” says Jalen Ramos, Executive Director of The Orchards at Bartley Assisted Living, an assisted living community located in Jackson, New Jersey. “This not only leaves where you will move up to chance, but it can also leave your preferences, desires and needs out of the equation. By considering assisted living when you are healthy, active and excited about a move, you are making it more likely that you can enjoy a lifestyle you’ll love for a longer amount of time, that your wishes will be met and that you will be able to choose the exact community that suits you.”

“Because this can be such a stressful decision, it isn’t one you should make on your own or at the spur of the moment,” he adds. “Choose from a few local communities, talk to your doctor about their recommended options, schedule a tour and visit more than once. This can help to ensure you have a good idea of where you may belong, which options have exactly what you are looking for and which communities will offer both you and your family the peace of mind you deserve.”

4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

To make your tours go a little more smoothly, consider some of the following criteria you should look for before you make your ultimate decision.

  1. How do the residents and team seem? Do the residents and team appear to be close? Do they talk to each other and interact positively? If you notice that they are, it likely indicates that they have good relationships with one another. Talk to some of the residents, ask for their opinions and ask them your questions. They are likely to give you an accurate picture of the community and how it is each day.
  2. Do you feel at home? When it comes to your future assisted living community, you want to feel as though you are part of the family. Will you be able to make friends? Do they have things you’re interested in? Does it feel like home to you? If so, chances are that you will enjoy the community. Be sure to ask if they have floor plans to meet your desires and see if you’re allowed to bring furniture or other items from home so you can feel even more comfortable.
  3. Is the programming enriching and engaging? You wouldn’t want to move to an assisted living community where you can’t enjoy the hobbies, passions and experiences you’ve wanted to expand on, so be sure to ask for an activities calendar and see if you can participate in some programs.
  4. Can their care team meet your needs now and in the future? One of the most important things that residents of assisted living communities are looking for is the ability to care for future needs. Can the assisted living community you’re visiting care for increasing needs? What about memory care? This can not only prevent a move later on in your journey but can also help to provide peace of mind knowing your needs can be met.

For more information about what to consider when searching for assisted living, or to see how we can help you and your family with our award-winning care and lifestyle, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk to you about your options and how we can provide you with a worry-free lifestyle complete with peace of mind. Call us today at 732-372-4055.

Worry-Free Living with Dedicated Care and Support

The Orchards at Bartley Assisted Living offers an independent lifestyle with an array of services and amenities right on the Bartley Healthcare campus. As a family-owned and privately-run community, we get to know each resident personally, allowing us to customize their level of care to perfectly match their needs while providing them and their families with complete peace of mind.

Here, residents can embrace a fulfilling lifestyle in an elegant setting while experiencing the security and comfort of a qualified, compassionate team. We take care of it all – housekeeping and delicious dining, scheduled transportation, programming to meet varying interests and more – it’s all included with care, so you never need to worry about rising costs! And if care needs change, we offer memory care and a range of award-winning health services on site.

The Orchards at Bartley Assisted Living is the perfect place to live independently, with complete peace of mind.

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact our team today at 732-372-4055.